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Gestion de fortune

sesqui (lat. contraction of semisque, from semis, meaning half). 1. When placed before a noun, prefix meaning « one and a half ». 2. More by a half or an added half.


Roman goddess of Fortune, equated to the Greek Tyche.

gestion (lat. gestio, from gerere). 1. Act of managing (someone else’s affairs and, by extension, one’s own business) 2. A way to manage, administrate, conduct, organize something. Asset or wealth management. To be a financial advisor. A good and wise management.


fortune (lat. Fortuna, ae, Fortune, goddess of fate or luck). 1. Greek-roman divinity that presided over the hazards of life. 2. Fate, happy or unhappy destiny, prosperity. 3. Lucky or unlucky outcome of something. 4. All properties and material possessions, someone’s wealth.

SESQUI Gestion de fortune SA (lat. fortunae sesquigestio) 1. Private asset management company founded in 2001 which aims to offer its customers services beyond their expectations. 2. SESQUI is subject to the Swiss Code of Conduct for Indepedent Asset Management recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. Therefore, SESQUI has the qualified investor status. 3. SESQUI’s activity focuses on wealth management for wealthy private clients who have accounts with leading banks in Switzerland and abroad. 4. SESQUI offers its clients investment strategies tailored to their financial capabilities. 5. SESQUI offers investment strategies in CHF, USD and EUR.